Jeurong Select Hotel Fuzhou
50 Jiangbin Xi Avenue, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
+86 591 62799999
About Hotel
  • Rooms

    The hotel has 168 deluxe rooms and duplex suites, which can meet all your needs of 8 types of rooms, 39 to 92 square meters of room area for guests to provide a wealth of options, including 85 king size rooms, 63 twin size rooms, 18 duplex suites and 2 executive suites. Each room is allocated the world top brand mattress in order to let you have a good sleep.

  • Dining

    The Scene Restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel. It is adjacent to the Minjiang River and accompanied by beautiful music. It guides guests to explore hundreds of classic global cuisines, so that you can enjoy a holiday experience in the city.

  • Lobby lounge

    The warm and comfortable lobby lounge is located on the first floor of the hotel. It is the best choice for you to relax after busy business activities.

  • Meeting Room

    The meeting room is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The wide landing window brings you plenty of sunshine and beautiful scenery outside the window. The high-end digital technology, enthusiastic and meticulous professional service team can carefully plan the perfect banquet or meeting for you.

  • Swimming pool

    The infinity pool is located on the level 20 of the top floor of the hotel. It is 25 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is designed with 24-hour automatic circulation. Huge French Windows and transparent glass roof design, with natural lighting, you can enjoy free swimming in the unlimited swimming pool in the sky with your partner, and enjoy the charming landscape of Minjiang River in banyan city in the water world at the top of the city. One side of the pool is equipped with a spacious rest area, and the lounge chair is also designed according to the human body structure, providing you with a flexible space for relaxation.


    Wine Bar, which is located on the top floor of 20th in the hotel. Simple and elegant decoration design can make people relaxed and comfortable in noisy time. The charming night scenery, beautiful music, light, fine wine and delicate snacks, let you enjoy the double experience of vision and taste.

  • Location

    Jeurong Select Hotel Fuzhou.It is adjacent to Minjiang River which will make you have a wide river view. It is close to the 4 business center of East Street, the Mixc in Gulou district, Wandxiang, Suning and the CBD at the north of Mingjiang River.
    It's 15 minutes’ drive from Fuzhou North Railway Station
    It's 30 minutes’ drive from Fuzhou South Railway Station
    It's 50 minutes’ drive from Fuzhou Changle International Airport.

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